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Haifa Contracting Company LLC

About Us

Haifa Contracting was established in 1992 The Company contained high ambition to grow in the same pace of the U.A.E. as an emerging operator in its domain. Within its first decade the company was able to live up to its vision. The company at the time had engaged in projects within the private sector. Haifa Contracting has delivered a diversified array of projects of villas, industrial, civic, recreational related. Today the company is constantly pursuing projects that they have been contracted to execute based on enhanced proposals valued and verified by its clients. The company’s approach has been engineered around a main principle set by its founder, which is to continuously develop its reputation by fulfilling the goals of its projects achieve satisfaction of its clients. The company continuously evaluates the latest technologies available in the buildingindustry to implement in any area it finds will benefit of such solution. Additionally, it conducts routine reviews with its supply chain partners in order to expand the services and products to best cater to the needs of its clients. It has generated a diverse fleet to cover all machinery, hardware and safety capital needed to achieve and maintain a class project site environment, which allows all its contributing team to excel in delivering on their commitments and excellence standard. Throughout its history, Haifa Contracting has always reinforced its prime operational pillar with human capital. The company immerses itself with the highest competencies it can employ within its organizational structure. Recruiting and investing in rich human capital is a belief the company upholds in developing its standards andreputation to reach its vision. The organization is guided by the improved quality system procedures to achieve the standard of working efficiently from the first attempt.


Continuously extend refined technical and commercial solutions to our clients, achieving optimized returns on their projects.



To execute projects with the most enhanced building systems that achieve the commercial and time equilibrium for our clients while preserving the highest safety standards to our employees and environment.